Friday, November 30, 2007

Choosing Tomato Varieties

What a stressful time for us here at the Tasteful Garden. We have to evaluate our selections of tomato varieties and choose which ones have to go to make room for the new. We try to offer a comprehensive selection of colors, sizes and time to maturity so that you can choose the tomatoes you want to grow. Even tougher is to narrow down our choices for the new varieties! Some varieties look good and may taste great but the names may be either unpronounceable or just plain weird.

Although varieties such as Momotaro and Rutgers are fantastic tomatoes and are well known, after offering them for so many years, we are putting them aside for a while to grow some newer ones. Kellogg's Breakfast has been on a lot of favorites list for years but this is the first year we have grown it. We are assured that the production is high and the flavor is fantaaastic. Marianna's Peace was a variety that had a burst of popularity a couple of years ago and then dropped like a hot potato. We are now bringing it back because it really was a good tomato and deserves another chance at fame.

Since weather problems made so many tomatoes just give up this year, we decided to come up with a rating system which will indicate which tomatoes will grow no matter what you do and which ones need a little more care. So many of our customers grow in containers or have limited space and cannot grow 16 tomato varieties so we have indicated which ones we would grow if we wanted to get lots of fruit under those conditions and still get great flavor.

Of course I hope everyone is enlarging their garden space this spring...get the compost in now!
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