Thursday, January 31, 2008

For Valentine's Day...THE LOVE APPLE

" Researchers have determined that Aztecs developed the tomato, as we know it. When the first conquistadors arrived in Mexico, the red fruit attracted their attention and intrigued their taste buds. In the 1600’s, they shipped some to Europe, but at first tomato failed to enthuse the palates of Europeans. Then in a genial strike some “marketing guru” decided to label tomato as an aphrodisiac and named it poma amoris, the French in turn called it pomme d’amour. Of course it took off.

American colonists thought tomatoes to be poisonous because of the plant’s relation to the deadly nightshade family. "

In thinking about the luscious flavor of tomatoes it is interesting that Europeans had to be talked into eating them. I just can't imagine what life if our ancestors had not tasted the first bite, not to mention that I would likely be out of a job. When we think about all the different foods that span so many cultures of the world, what a wonderful feast we could have. Living in the US, especially in large cities, we have access to almost everything edible in the world! Maybe not things like grasshoppers and eewwy gooey stuff but if you visit your local Whole Foods or Trader Joe's type market there is quite a selection. We recently discovered the Dekalb Farmer's Market near downtown Atlanta and were stunned by the treats on every shelf. Live fish in tanks, produce from every corner of the globe, meats and cheeses and wines that will have you salivating as soon as you walk in. This is their stand:

We declare the world is designed to work. We are responsible for what does not work. We make the difference.

No matter how technologically advanced we become, we cannot escape our fundamental relationships with food and each other. The possibility of these relationships is the world market. In this context, the world works for everyone free of scarcity and suffering.

We commit ourselves to the possibility this world market is for the future generations of this planet.

I really love the whole world philosophy and multi-cultural aspect of this fantastic store. I applaud the owner and vow to stop by every chance I can for goodies. Don't even get me near the bakery!!! In another life, I will live next door to this place...
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