Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happenings here on the farm!

Our 2 young bull calves just got weaned and boy are they are hungry! With our dry weather, grass is growing slowly so needless to say, they have found their way through the fences and the mother cows just follow them right through. Unfortunately, they have decided that our fall planted lettuces were just what they wanted and they have eaten them down to the ground! Lucky we still have peas and beans going but we will really miss that lettuce. One of the calves we will trade, along with his mother, to a neighbor so that we can get a new cow to breed with our bull, Bruno. She is a Red Angus and we hope to have some really nice beef from her offspring.

Our chickens are what we call "yard birds" which is sort of like free-range, only more country. They love to get out and scratch for bugs and worms, especially after a rain. Because of their diet, they have yolks which are so dark yellow you wouldn't believe it. This means they are high in Omega 3 that they get from the grass and protein they get from the bugs. They have access to the entire yard and we will sometimes be sitting in the kitchen and hear one clucking nearby. We even had a few eggs hatch this year when the hens hid the eggs from us! Fresh Farm eggs just can't be beat and with over 40 chickens, we never have to be without them.

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