Saturday, June 6, 2009

Harvesting Time

Well after not having time to think for so long I realized that it has been quite a while since I posted to this blog. I have been enjoying reading our other Tasteful Garden blogs and I hope you have too! I especially like Teresa's blog about the fairy visiting her garden and the compost blog from Jenny where at a party on her patio, the guests put their paper plates into her compost bin!

Here at The Tasteful Garden, we harvested onions this morning and the first tomatoes, a couple of San Marzano Redortas. The squashes are trying to get going and have lots of baby fruit but we are losing them to squash vine borers and hope to save one or two.

Sunflowers are about 36" high and the french filet beans are starting to bloom. Peppers are thriving and we are already almost tired of cucumbers, not quite but almost.

The cows got out again the other night, before we finished the electric wire on the fence, and ate every corn stalk we had. Oh well, the neighbors corn looks great so maybe a trade...

We are getting ready to do some construction around here to enlarge our packing room to double the size and we will be putting up yet another greenhouse to make room for more plants next year. We keep growing and growing!
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